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Unleashed Creative Expression coupled with honest values.

Mary Ann Archer has been a jeweler for more than 40 years. In 2000 she opened her first retail store in northern Michigan, returning full circle to where she began after living and maintaining her studio in Santa Fe New Mexico for 27 years.

Personalized customer service, original and wearable designs highlighted by quality craftsmanship are the foundations of her business. “I love giving women special attention and the permission to feel pretty and beautiful about themselves. The compliments women receive when they wear my jewelry confirm themselves in more than one way.”

“Wearable designs are paramount for me because no matter how fantastic the design or technique employed, if it isn’t comfortable, it ends up sitting in a drawer somewhere.”

Quality gemstones are often the focus of her jewelry pieces. “Stones dazzle me! I’m magically drawn to the unusual and rare gemstones that nature creates on her own!” As we are each special, she strives to design jewelry which speak of this uniqueness and originality.” Creativity is about expression and I want to give women another opportunity for expressing their uniqueness by wearing my jewelry.”

Traditional values of quality craftsmanship marriage her designs.

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