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April’s official birthstone, diamonds were believed to be fragments of stars, tear drops of the gods and to possess magical qualities and powers far beyond the understanding of common man. Legend has it that Europeans first discovered African diamonds in a Shaman’s leather pouch who used them as other Shamans of the world used quartz […]

Intro to Gemstones

GEMSTONES What is a gemstone? Most gemstones are minerals that have been chosen for their beauty and durability, then cut and polished for use as human adornment. The exceptions are organic materials such as amber, pearls and coral. There are about 3,000 gems that are admired and cut for their beauty, but only about 100 […]


AQUAMARINE Aquamarine is the official gemstone for the month of March, the Zodiac sign for Scorpio and for the 19th Wedding Anniversary. Legends say it originated in a treasure chest of mermaids and it is considered a sailor’s lucky stone, giving him a sound voyage and a safe return .Its name comes from two words, […]

Custom Jewelry Designs

“Re-creating your jewelry box memories into wearable treasures” is my specialty and I love making your dreams come true. Tapping into my insight and divine artistic inspiration, coupled with 50 years of jewelry making, my goal is to fulfill your personal desires and create an exclusive piece of jewelry – just for you.

Jewelry Store

My goal is to make a virtual online store for you and your shopping experience both enjoyable and fun. My diverse and exclusive  jewelry collections make it easy for you to explore online, just as if your were shopping in my store. Please contact me directly for your special needs at 231-526-3200.

Welcome to our Harbor Springs Jewelry Store

Welcome to Mary Ann Archer Fine Jewelry  located in Harbor Springs, one of the most beautiful waterfront towns in northern Michigan. I am proud to offer you my exclusive jewelry including the Trillium, Michigan Charms, and Equestrian Collections. Just thirty miles south of the Mackinac Bridge, be sure to make us your destination visit.


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